F Precision Air Inc.

Florence FBO

On March 1st, 2016, Precision Air Inc. began providing the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services at the Florence Regional Airport.

We offer quality service with competitive fuel pricing. Below are just some of the first-class line services and amenities we offer at Precision Air Inc., Florence SC.

Personal Services

  • Aircraft marshaling, ramp parking, and tie-down assistance
  • Baggage handling and passenger/crew escorts to and from aircraft
  • Tie-down ropes, chains, and anchors
  • Aircraft towing services
  • Nitrogen service for aircraft tires
  • Aviation grade in-flight oxygen refills
  • Mobile ground power
  • Aircraft lavatory and cabin cleaning
  • Aircraft storage
  • Major and minor aircraft maintenance services
  • Courtesy cars
  • On-the-ramp rental cars
  • Private and comfortable pilots lounge
  • Private conference room
  • Local restaurant recommendations
  • Hotel discounts
  • Catering
  • Wireless internet access
  • Concierge services specific to your request

Shell Fuel Services

  • Jet A w/Prist®, and 100LL
  • 24 hour service available (Normal hours of operation: Mon – Sun 6am – 8 pm)
Last Updated: July 18, 2019
Fuel Type: 100LL Full Service 100LL Self Service JETA+
Fuel Service: $5.65 $4.95 $5.10


Service Rate/Fee
Line Services Power cart $75 hr
Air conditioner $75 hr
Lav service $65
Tie down
Single $50 month
Twin $75 month
Turbine $150 month
Helicopter $100 month
Wash area usage $10
Exterior Washing
Single $150
Twin $175
Turbine $300
Helicopter $250
Interior Cleaning
Single $50
Twin $75
Turbine $150
Helicopter $100
Trip Ready Service -spot clean, snacks, beverage
Single $100
Twin $125
Turbine $200
Helicopter $150
Nights/Weekends pp $200
Cargo Fee pp $55/hr
Ramp Fee/day (no fuel) $25
Jet Ramp Fee/day (no fuel) $50
Forklift Fee $500
Service Rate/Fee
Storage Corp hangar
Single $200month
Twin $300 month
Turbine $400 month
Helicopter $250 month
Lg T hangar $430 month
Sm T hangar $200 Month
Shelter hangar $100 Month
Towing service (Tow aircraft to FBO and Hangar when needed) $100 month
Service Rate/Fee
Maintenance Piston Maintenance $85 hr
Turbine Maintenance $95 hr
Avionics $95 hr
Nights/Weekends $100 hr 4 hr min
O2 service $65
Nitrogen service $65